The Brodey Centre

The Brodey Centre extension for the treatment of patients with cancer has now opened at the Horton General Hospital

The extension has been made possible by the amazing generosity of hundreds of people who fundraised a fantastic £501,409.47 to make it happen. Most of our donors were from Banbury and the surrounding areas but the Trust has also had substantial donations from people from across the UK and overseas.

The expanded space in the new centre allows for more privacy for patients and relatives. The waiting area is bigger and the new treatment area is bright and spacious with beautiful big windows allowing a view of the magnificent trees on the Oxford Road. An additional 60 square metres of space, including a new mezzanine level has been introduced.

The new department will also provide space for the benefits advisor from the Maggie’s Centre in Oxford who provides support and advice for patients and their families. In addition, the extension has allowed the Trust to put in a meeting room which will be very useful for teaching.

Mike Fleming, Director of the Horton General Hospital said: “We are so grateful for all the support we have had from so many different individuals and groups in our local community. It is no exaggeration to say that without them we would not have our beautiful new centre which will be of so much benefit to local people. On behalf of all the patients who will use the centre and the staff who work there I would like to thank them.”

Anita Joyce, Senior Staff Nurse at the Brodey Centre said: “I am so pleased for our patients. It means such a lot to them that their surroundings are as nice as possible when they are having their treatment. It is also great news that fewer patients will now have to travel for their treatment and that more can be treated nearer to home, here in Banbury.”

The rebuild took less than six months and was completed on schedule, allowing the centre to re-open on 6 December 2010. The Trust was very grateful for the sensitivity and care taken by the architects, Gray Baynes and Shew, and the building contractors, Scion Technical Services, in the course of their work, which enabled the hospital to be involved at all times and allowed minor adjustments to plans as the project progressed.

On average, the two chemotherapy nurses look after about ten patients per day in the Brodey Centre.  Since the opening of the Brodey Centre in 1998, about 2,000 patients a year are able to be treated in Banbury, rather than travelling to Oxford. The expansion will mean that even more patients will benefit.


  • The Brodey centre originally opened in August 1998. It opened part time with one chemotherapy trained nurse and a breast care nurse. It was the inspiration of and partly funded by the family of a local business man, Ian Brodey, who had been treated for a haematological malignancy at the Horton General Hospital. He regretted the fact that there was no dedicated treatment place for people with conditions such as his at the Horton, which meant they either had to be treated in any available space on one of the medical inpatient wards or else had to travel to Oxford. His family donated generously in his name and the department has grown from strength to strength.
  • A palliative care team – a full time nurse and visiting consultant from Katharine House Hospice, are also now based in the department. The visiting medical team has increased the numbers of sessions at the Horton and the Centre now has three oncologists with regular weekly outpatient clinics (instead of one consultant in 1998). There is also a haematologist based at the Horton.
  • There are no inpatient beds for oncology or haematology patients at the Horton, so there will always be some patients whose treatment plans dictate that they will need to be treated in Oxford. However, more and more patients are being seen in the Brodey Centre. There are a number of staff who work between the day unit at the Churchill and the Brodey Centre (including the manager). This helps enormously to keep strong links between the two departments.