Oxfordshire Provincial Grand Lodge have published the following dates of planned Provincial visits and those attending:

March 2015

Mon 2nd, Theodore 8943 APGM, PGSec

Thurs 5th, St Mary’s 1763 (Thomas Griffin 50 years) DPGM, PJGW

Tues 17th, Calthorpe 5172 (Installation and David Beeny 50 years) PGM, PSGW

Thurs 19th, Weyland 6507 PGM, PJGW (APGM’s Lodge)

Wed 25th, Norton 8872 APGM, PSGW

April 2015

Thurs 2nd, Jersey 2334 DPGM, PSGW

Thurs 9th, Clarendon 8828 APGM, PSGW

Thurs 9th, Aelfric 8926 PJGW, PGSec

Thurs 16th, Witta’s Island 9359 APGM, PGSec

Fri 17th, St Edburg’s (Charles Woodward 50 years) PGM, APGM, DPGM

Mon 20th, Shiplake 7942 APGM, PSGW

Tues 21st, Rathcreedan 8690 PJGW

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