Rathcreedan Lodge has the reputation of having a very tempting raffle at the Ladies Festival.  This year the Master is holding the event during the summer on Saturday August 23rd at the Mercure Whateley Hall.

We need your Raffle Prizes

Reports that organising this year’s Ladies Ball raffle has aged Tim have been more than exaggerated..

This year’s raffle is be organised by Rathcreedan’s Assistant Secretary, Tim Moss;  It is my privilege to organise this part of the Ball and to request donations for prizes of a varied nature sufficient to appeal to your lady.

It is not unusual for those brethren who are unable to attend the Ball to donate prizes in their absence and indeed some have pledged a sum of money in order to provide a spectacular hamper as a centrepiece. Whatever you decide to give will be presented as a prize on the night from the raffle.
You have all been very generous in the past and I trust that this year will be no different please. I know that the Master and his Wardens will join me in thanking you for your contributions and wish you a very happy evening with your lady and your guests.

Well said Tim – all raffle prizes will be  gratefully received!

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