The first weekly game of the Pantomime Project is now one year old and we have had 52 winners each receiving £25 and their Lodges also receiving £10 for each win.

The 2nd weekly draw started in January and the 3rd set started in April, meaning that now, every week we have 3 lucky winners and 3 Lodges also benefiting their own charity accounts.

Kids Love a good panto

Kids Love a good panto

Regarding the 4th set of numbers, half have been allocated but we do need to get brethren to sign up for the remaining numbers and then we will have 4 lucky winners a week. Therefore will you please ask your brethren to complete the attached form and send it to me so as we can start the 4th weekly game.

Our first Pantomime is booked for December in Henley and we have nearly allocated all the 230 seats to disabled/disadvantage children and their parents/siblings.
The children are coming from Helen House Children’s Hospice, Variety at Work, Wycombe Woman’s Aid, Woodeaton Manor School, Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children, Nomad Youth and Community, Mulberry School and Footsteps Foundation.

This is going to cost well over £3,000 but it will be worth every penny to give these children a special afternoon of enjoyment. Each child will also get an ice cream and a goody bag, one company is also going to donate a box of chocolates for each child.

Please support this worthwhile cause, it is only £1 a week and for your money you do have a weekly chance of winning £25. Your support will allow us to provide a pantomime for disabled/disadvantaged children every year at a theatre in Oxfordshire.

Provincial Charity Steward

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