The pantomime project is an exciting new initiative: – Every year at Christmas time we will invite a group of disabled I disadvantaged children, along with their immediate families to a pantomime performance at a theatre in one of the venues in the Province.

Kids Love a good panto

Kids Love a good panto

At smaller theatres we would probably book the whole performance, while at larger locations an entire floor. We would also supply ice creams I popcorn and each child would receive a little something from Father Christmas. Theatres will support the project by having the cast and staff, meet and greet on arrival and when leaving, assist in giving out the presents I goody bags. The Brethren in the locality would be responsible for assisting at the theatre and perhaps even dress suitably for the occasion, making it a memorable experience and day out for the children and their families.

We can use a different theatre each year and initial enquiries say they will charge approximately £10 per seat. Most have a capacity of about 300 or the larger ones an entire floor of 300 seats.

The main issue is cost, as this has to be a self financing project, which with your help can easily be achieved. We need at least 300+ Brethren to sign up to a funding scheme and pay just £1 a week. To encourage membership and reward you for giving, you will be allocated a number between one and forty nine. Then each Saturday all the members with the same number as the
bonus ball in the National Lottery will receive a prize of £25 and their own Lodge will receive £10 to be used as the Lodge wishes for charitable purposes. The remainder of the money will go towards the Pantomime Project. Within a year we will have enough money to hire a theatre and give some disabled I disadvantaged children a real treat. (This means of collecting the money was previously called the Provincial Charity Game).

All you have to do is complete the form and send it to the Provincial Charity Steward, please do this now.

We will work with local organisations, such as children’s homes, hospices and Charities such as CLiC (Children with Cancer) to obtain a list of invitations. Donations will be collected either by paying £52 for a year’s subscription in advance or £13 every 3 months by bank standing order.

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