On 16th April Worshipful. Bro James Pinches of Henley was invited as a guest to speak on the Anne Diamond show on Radio Berkshire.  

Anne Diamond

Anne Diamond

James answered a series of questions from Anne all about Freemasonry and he gives a very good account of how he became a mason and goes on to explain the principles and history of Freemasonry.

If you go onto the BBC IiPlayer and to Radio Berkshire, the interview starts at 1:07 hours of her programme.   Here is a link –  we’re sure you will find this very interesting to listen to.   It will be on the iPlayer for next 6 days to listen to for free.

Anne Diamond has been a household name for the past 25 years, working in daily TV, radio and national newspapers. She is Patron of the National Obesity Forum and published “Winning The Fat War” – the Untold Truth about Dieting and Weightloss by Capstone in 2009 and authored an accompanying TV documentary for Sky Real Lives “Anne Diamond’s War On Fat”, which made record ratings.

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